Business Development

RenewGen Resources Nepal actively encourages foreign investments in Nepal’s renewable energy sector. We assist businesses in expanding their customer base and tapping into the immense potential of Nepal’s renewable energy market. Our expertise and local insights provide a strong foundation for successful business growth.

Research Development

Our in-depth project development cover both on-grid and off-grid projects, assessing the viability of various renewable energy technologies. From hydroelectricity and solar to wind, ethanol, turpentine, hydrogen, ammonia, and fertilizers, we analyze the potential and value chain creation. These studies foster knowledge sharing and create opportunities for government, communities, and industries to participate in the emerging green hydrogen economy.

Policy Resources And Advocacy

We conduct policy research and offer recommendations to support the research, development, and integration of renewable energy, low carbon solutions, and climate change initiatives. By staying abreast of evolving policies, we help shape the regulatory landscape to foster a favorable environment for renewable energy deployment.

Consultancy services

We provide expert consultancy and project management services for green hydrogen and ammonia plants. Our team offers support in engineering, site identification, generation forecasting, and environmental assessments. With our guidance, clients can navigate the complexities of renewable energy projects with confidence.